Telecaster Construction

T-Style Construction

While this is a one-off custom order, I will be doing several more single-piece old-growth fir T-style guitars with a variety of neck species, specifically curly maple and walnut. These will be finished in either truoil or satin-nitro lacquer, perhaps some of each. I am loving Jason Lollar’s wide range Regal Humbucker for T-style guitars, especially in the neck where it’s useful for really anything you could throw at it. Pair it with a slightly overwound standard bridge and boy you got yourself a stew. Other pickup arrangements I’m looking at involve Malinoski Silver Foil pickups and some vintage Dearmond gold foils I have laying around. Everyone loves that foil. I will be starting a couple of these Teles pretty soon, projecting them finished around March 2022.

I am also working on two 73 Pulsars, the full-depth body set neck design with the larger pickguard. These will have light poly finish over korina with amber figured maple necks. One has a reverse headstock and will have all gold hardware and a Bigsby over black, while the other will be Oly white with chrome and white-out details. Blackie gets Lollar imperials, Oly White will have Silver Foils. These should be done sometime around January, 2022, and are not yet spoken for. 

Get at me if you need a super-lightweight, sonically amazing old-growth guitar, I probably only have about 16 builds i can do with this stuff and I’m tempted to keep them all!

Here’s some behind the scenes look at a custom T-style guitars in progress.

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