About Ben Cosloy

I am a luthier and life-long guitar player, living in the great Pacific Northwest. I have been building and repairing guitars for the better part of the last two decades. I generally believe that form follows function, and strive to build some of the most comfortable, fun and useful guitars available, allowing for plenty of cool factor.  Currently, I am refining an original design that combines some familiar electric guitar composition elements that I admire, along with a bit of something new. These feature neck-through construction and slim bodies with relief contouring for light weight and comfort. I have a second iteration of this design that features a thicker body and more traditional set neck construction. All instruments are hand built by myself in Portland, Oregon, and each is a one-of-a-kind piece designed to take the player to exciting new places. 

I also love building guitars out of local salvage woods in more recognizable shapes. Right now I have several guitars’ worth of wood from a 19th century Eastern Oregon theater that has played host to all kinds of music and mayhem over the last century and a half. I am currently taking orders for instruments made from this historic wood. You will find links and info on the theater on the “Salvage Fir Tele” page. I also regularly do custom builds of classic shapes to the specification of the player.